HEX-Lab @ IEEE VR 2024

We are happy to present two papers and four posters at this year’s IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) 2024. Great work and success by our PhDs and students. We’re very happy to also receive a best poster award.


A Study on Collaborative Visual Data Analysis in Augmented Reality with Asymmetric Display Types Judith Friedl-Knirsch, Christian Stach, Fabian Pointecker, Christoph Anthes, Daniel Roth

Conference Papers

GBOT: Graph-Based 3D Object Tracking for Augmented Reality-Assisted Assembly Guidance Shiyu Li, Hannah Schieber, Niklas Corell, Bernhard Egger, Julian Kreimeier, Daniel Roth


Towards Continuous Patient Care with Remote Guided VR-Therapy Julian Kreimeier, Hannah Schieber, Noah Lewis, Max Smietana, Juliane Reithmeier, Vlad Cnejevici, Prathik Prasad, Abdallah Eid, Max Maier, Daniel Roth

Augmented Reality Guidance for Numerical Control Program Setups Constantin Kleinbeck, Tobias Hassel, Julian Kreimeier, Daniel Roth

Facial Feature Enhancement for Immersive Real-Time Avatar-Based Sign Language Communication using Personalized CNNs Kristoffer Waldow, Arnulph Fuhrmann, Daniel Roth

Investigating Incoherent Depth Perception Features in Virtual Reality using Stereoscopic Impostor-Based Rendering Kristoffer Waldow, Lukas Decker, Martin Mišiak, ArnulphFuhrmann, Daniel Roth, Marc Erich Latoschik (best poster award)

Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth

Assistant professor at TU Munich and head of the HEX Lab