Constantin Kleinbeck is presenting a work published in the IJCARS journal at IPCAI 2024 in Barcelona. Elena Cramer, with our KARVIMIO project partner IAT, is also presenting a work part of the KARVIMIO project at the CARS conference there, of which IPCAI is a part.

Journal Papers

Neural Digital Twins: Reconstructing Complex Medical Environments for Spatial Planning in Virtual Reality Constantin Kleinbeck, Han Zhang, Benjamin D. Killeen, Daniel Roth, Mathias Unberath2

The paper is available at: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11548-024-03143-w

Lecture Presentation

Introducing AI to the Context: AR-Driven Operation Manuals for Surgical Instruments Elena Cramer, Alexander Kucharski, Julian Kreimeier, Sebastian Andreß, Shiyu Li, Cindy Walk, Felix Merkl, Julia Högl, Patrick Wucherer, Philipp Stephan, Simon Weidert, Rüdiger von Eisenhardt-Rothe, Daniel Roth

Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth

Assistant professor at TU Munich and head of the HEX Lab