HEX-Lab @ ISMAR 2023

We are happy to present three papers and four posters at this year’s International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2023. Great work and success by our PhDs and students.


Injured Avatars:The Impact of Embodied Anatomies and Virtual Injuries on Well-being and Performance Constantin Kleinbeck, Hannah Schieber, Julian Kreimeier, Alejandro Martin, Mathias Unberath, Daniel Roth

Conference Papers

Investigating the Effects of Selective Information Presentation in Intensive Care Units Using Virtual Reality Luisa Theelke, Fynn-Lennardt Metzler, Julian Kreimeier, Christopher Hauer, Johannes Binder, Daniel Roth

Mixed Reality 3D Teleconsultation for Emergency Decompressive Craniotomy: An Evaluation with Medical Residents Kevin Yu, Roth Daniel, Robin Strak, Frieder Pankratz, Julia Schrader-Reichling, Clemens Kraetsch, Simon Weidert, Marc Lazarovici, Nassir Navab, Ulrich Eck


A Modular Approach for 3D Reconstruction with Point Cloud Overlay Hannah Schieber, Fritz Schmid, Mubashir Ul Hassan, Stefanie Zollmann, Daniel Roth

Towards Eco-Embodiment: Virtual Reality for Building Climate Change Awareness within Education for Sustainable Development Julian Kreimeier, Luisa Theelke, Jonathan Denzler, Florian Enders, Samarth Kumar, Daniel Roth

Adaptive Volumetric Anatomy Visualization with Tangible Control Constantin Kleinbeck, Max Smietana, Noah Lewis, Timo Teufel, Julian Kreimeier, Christoph Heinzl, Jürgen Steiner, Christoph Anthes, Daniel Roth

Cardiac Visualisation Along the RV-Continuum - A High-Fidelity Pilot Study David Aigner, Nanjia Wang, David Kielmayer, Jürgen Steiner, Julian Hochpöchler, Christoph Heinzl, Daniel Roth, Frank Maurer, Christoph Anthes

Daniel Roth
Daniel Roth

Assistant professor at TU Munich and head of the HEX Lab