A Systematic Literature Review of User Evaluation in Immersive Analytics


User evaluation is a common and useful tool for systematically generating knowledge and validating novel approaches in the domain of Immersive Analytics. Since this research domain centres around users, user evaluation is of extraordinary relevance. Additionally, Immersive Analytics is an interdisciplinary field of research where different communities bring in their own methodologies. It is vital to investigate and synchronise these different approaches with the long-term goal to reach a shared evaluation framework. While there have been several studies focusing on Immersive Analytics as a whole or on certain aspects of the domain, this is the first systematic review of the state of evaluation methodology in Immersive Analytics. The main objective of this systematic literature review is to illustrate methodologies and research areas that are still underrepresented in user studies by identifying current practice in user evaluation in the domain of Immersive Analytics in coherence with the PRISMA protocol.